Why 2018 Is the Year to Buy a Home in Squamish

Have you been on the fence about your move to Squamish? Not sure if you’re ready to trade city life for the mountain town vibe? Let us convince you that 2018 is the year to buy a home in Squamish. If you’re ready to up-level your lifestyle, be a part of an exciting and energetic[…]


6 Things Get Excited About in Squamish Right Now

It’s exciting times for the quickly transforming town of Squamish BC, and although not everybody loves change, it is hard not to be excited about what’s transpiring in the community. From sleepy logging town to thriving start-up hub and tourist centre, the new energy in town is an attractant or a repellent, depending on your[…]


The Evolving Squamish Workforce

Count the laptops in coffee shops or the bikes on trails in the middle of the day, any day of the week, and it becomes obvious that the Squamish community isn’t your typical workforce. The work to live mantra rings especially true here in town, with lifestyle the main reason people make the move to[…]


Using a Buyer’s Agent: 5 Reason To Use a Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing a Home in Squamish

In a world where listings are accessed online at the touch of a finger tip, and real estate market information is prevalent for those who are seeking, is working with a buyer’s agent still important? In short, (as you probably thought) yes. Unless you are a seasoned investor or are willing to pay whatever a[…]


56 Reasons Why You Should Move to Squamish

If you haven’t heard yet, Squamish is a pretty awesome place to live. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the country, and there is a reason why people are choosing to move here (actually there are many). Here are 56 reasons why you should come and join the awesome-ness and move to[…]


Everything Non-Resident Buyers Need To Know About Buying In Squamish

Are you looking to purchase property in Squamish as a non-resident buyer? Here in Squamish we have many people from around the world buying property. Not only does Squamish present excellent investment value, it is also a wonderful place to live and raise a family. There is a growing number of American, UK, Chinese, Australian[…]


QUIZ: Which Squamish Neighbourhood Is Right For You?

Choosing the right neighbourhood when moving to a new place is a big deal. Your new neighbourhood will dictate how far you will be driving from point a to b, who you will be surrounded with, and what’s easily accessible from your new home. If you have been thinking about moving to Squamish, but aren’t[…]


Squamish Dining Guide- Our Top Dining Recommendations

Good news for food lovers moving to or living in Squamish- the dining scene has been improving vastly over the last few years and now includes a gamut of cuisines and dining styles to enjoy. There are some Squamish classic favourites, some new comers who recently opened their doors, and a handful of other establishments[…]


What’s the best thing about Living in Squamish? We’ve asked 7 locals

Making the decision to move somewhere new is a huge leap of faith. Will you like it there? Will you meet people? Will you fit into the community? These questions and more are often scrutinized when deciding to move somewhere new and can’t be answered by browsing real estate listings online. Here at Move to[…]


Loggers Sports and the Significance of Logging in Squamish

It’s easy to be distracted by the beauty of Squamish. With adventure surging throughout the Sea to Sky and bikes, boards and boulders dominating the landscape and conversations, it’s not hard to forget about the industry that founded the town (and it’s not Tourism that I’m referring to). The forestry industry was the bread and butter[…]