Is Living in Squamish Worth The Price Tag?

It will come as no surprise that property prices in Squamish have gone up substantially in recent years, and as more new inventory comes on the market, prices continue their upwards trajectory. The secret is out and Squamish is one of the coolest places to live in Canada. Attracting young families, professionals and adventure enthusiasts[…]


The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

Although these costs may not be actually be ‘hidden’, buyers tend to forget about the necessary yet expensive costs and fees that come along with buying a new home. The last thing we ever want is for buyers to stretch themselves too thin, using all of their savings on a down-payment, only to find out[…]


Squamish Dining Guide- Our Top Dining Recommendations

Good news for food lovers moving to or living in Squamish- the dining scene has been improving vastly over the last few years and now includes a gamut of cuisines and dining styles to enjoy. There are some Squamish classic favourites, some new comers who recently opened their doors, and a handful of other establishments[…]


Loggers Sports and the Significance of Logging in Squamish

It’s easy to be distracted by the beauty of Squamish. With adventure surging throughout the Sea to Sky and bikes, boards and boulders dominating the landscape and conversations, it’s not hard to forget about the industry that founded the town (and it’s not Tourism that I’m referring to). The forestry industry was the bread and butter[…]


Squamish Developments 2016: The Latest News on Squamish Developments

Big things are happening to the small town of Squamish, BC. This year two much anticipated (and much contended) large-scale developments are in their final stages of becoming a reality. What was once a sleepy logging town half way between Vancouver and Whistler is emerging as a thriving centre, blessed with abundant natural beauty and[…]


7 Reasons Why Squamish is an Awesome Place to Live

If you haven’t heard about the coastal town of Squamish, BC you must either live on the other side of the world or under a rock. The New York Times recently rated Squamish as one of the top 52 places to go (in the world) and if that isn’t enough CNN declared Squamish as the[…]