Power to the Buyer! New Rules Come into Effect in BC to Protect Buyers

The way real estate agents represent buyers is about change in British Columbia with more protection coming to buyers as of March. The act of limited dual agency, when a real estate agent (typically the listing agent) represents a buyer and a seller during the sale of a home, is coming to an end. Although[…]


A Buyer’s Crash Course on The Documents That Form a Deal

As a buyer, you will be subject to rapid fire documents coming your way during the course of buying a home. Not only will your real estate agent have a plethora of documents for you to sign, so will your lender and your lawyer, and by the end of the process you’ll probably by happy[…]


The Process of Buying a Home in Squamish

Here at Move to Squamish we represent many first-time buyers and sometimes the process of buying a home can be stressful, especially when it’s considered a seller’s market. Understanding the amount to offer for a home, the steps to take after an offer is accepted, and the costs involved in closing can be overwhelming to[…]


Using a Buyer’s Agent: 5 Reason To Use a Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing a Home in Squamish

In a world where listings are accessed online at the touch of a finger tip, and real estate market information is prevalent for those who are seeking, is working with a buyer’s agent still important? In short, (as you probably thought) yes. Unless you are a seasoned investor or are willing to pay whatever a[…]


Everything Non-Resident Buyers Need To Know About Buying In Squamish

Are you looking to purchase property in Squamish as a non-resident buyer? Here in Squamish we have many people from around the world buying property. Not only does Squamish present excellent investment value, it is also a wonderful place to live and raise a family. There is a growing number of American, UK, Chinese, Australian[…]


The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

Although these costs may not be actually be ‘hidden’, buyers tend to forget about the necessary yet expensive costs and fees that come along with buying a new home. The last thing we ever want is for buyers to stretch themselves too thin, using all of their savings on a down-payment, only to find out[…]


So You Want to Buy a Home This Year?

Everything first-time home buyers need to know about purchasing a home in Squamish It’s a brand-new year and 2017 looks to be an ideal time for first-time home buyers looking to enter the property market. With the BC government announcing the BC Home Partnership Program, a handful of other programs and rebates for first-time home[…]


Year-On-Year Price Gains of Squamish Neighbourhoods

We are coming to the end of one of the most exciting real estate markets Squamish has ever seen. While many people would probably choose other adjectives rather than ‘exciting’ to describe this year’s market everyone can probably agree the changes are unlike anything we have seen before. It is hard to ignore the development[…]


Comparing the Squamish and Vancouver Real Estate Markets | How Similar Are They?

Conversations about real estate are as common as conversations about the weather lately. Although news of Vancouver’s heated property market has been dominating news headlines nationally, Squamish has been following the same real estate fate. There’s no doubt that when Vancouver sneezes, Squamish catches a cold, but just how similar are these two markets? Here[…]


What You Need to Know Before Buying a New Development

Buying property off the plan (new development/ pre-build) is different in many ways than buying an established property. There are the obvious differences such as the absence of a physical space to inspect, the longer wait time between offer acceptance and completion date, and the options and upgrades involved with the initial purchase. Here at[…]