What’s the best thing about Living in Squamish? We’ve asked 7 locals


Making the decision to move somewhere new is a huge leap of faith. Will you like it there? Will you meet people? Will you fit into the community? These questions and more are often scrutinized when deciding to move somewhere new and can’t be answered by browsing real estate listings online. Here at Move to Squamish we strive to give buyers as much information as possible about living in Squamish, and then assist them with every step of the buying process. To give you more perspective on what life is like here, we’ve asked seven Squamish locals to share what it is about Squamish they love.

Stewart Buchanan


My wife and I moved to Squamish in August 2015 – having spent a year here already I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed it, and how quickly the time has gone by. We live in a townhome development in downtown Squamish which has a fun atmosphere with mainly young couples living in the homes, I really appreciate living in such a friendly neighbourhood and have gotten to know quite a few of our neighbours. I love spending time outside enjoying the many hiking trails which are so close to my home, and in general enjoy the more relaxed pace of life in Squamish compared to Vancouver (where we lived for the previous four years).

Margie Newington


We originally moved to Squamish in June of 1988 from Whistler where we were both managers at the mountains. We fell in love with Squamish a year earlier, taken by the fabulous view of the golf course and mountains. We moved to Squamish because it had all the services that Whistler didn’t have back then: banks, grocery stores, library, curling club. We built a home in Garibaldi Highlands in 1990, where we lived until 2008 when we moved to Alberta to help out with family. In 2015 we realized just how much we missed Squamish: our friends, the community, the people, the lifestyle, the climate; so we moved back! Totally happy being back “home”.

Christina Walsh


I’ve lived in Squamish for seven years. My husband is born and raised here and it didn’t take long and Squamish felt like home too. We live in the new Maples neighbourhood in Central Squamish and over the past three years have loved watching our new community grow, meet our neighbours and raise our family. My favourite part is still the small town feel and the strong sense of community. Everyone here is very proud to part of the Squamish community.

Adam Greenberg


My favourite thing about living in Squamish is the ease of which my life finds balance. Endless opportunities for outdoor recreation whether it is mountain biking, snowboarding, or kayaking (3 of my personal favourites) and how close it is to Vancouver and the airport to help me pay for it all. There’s great restaurants, lively pubs, lots of choices for schools making it a great place to raise a family and a community of friendly like minded people to play with.

Pennie Boyd

I moved to Squamish in 1995. I am originally from Toronto but have also lived in North Vancouver and Whistler. Squamish for me has a certain charm. It is a peaceful town surrounded by incredible nature but with an underlying rumbling excitement of a growth. Tucked between the mountains and ocean makes life here exceptional. There is never a shortage of scenic appreciation moments in this town.

Magee Walker


I’ve lived in Squamish for about four months now. Moving here was a great choice — it is easy to be inspired by both the people and the natural features in this town. There is SO much to explore, and constantly trying new things is the only way to discover the best trails, the best coffee shops, the best booth at the farmer’s market… you name it. I can’t wait to keep exploring!

Aaron Foote


I have lived in Squamish for 44 years now and find a greater appreciation for living here every day. My neighborhood (Eagle Run in Brackendale) has many of the little things families look for such as a general store, restaurants, a coffee shop, bike shop etc. All within walking distance. My favorite thing about living in Squamish is the outdoor recreation pursuits such as skiing, hiking, watersports are all within the area.

There are so many different reasons to love Squamish. I myself grew up in Squamish and left after high-school. After travelling abroad and living overseas for over 10 years I have recently moved back here with my family. The vibrancy of Squamish is such a delight to come home to. People are creating, exploring and connecting. It’s a small town community vibe with a progressive and worldly feel. Nature surrounds us here from every angle.

The team at Move to Squamish have over 30 years of living here and +25 years selling real estate in Squamish. If you are thinking about moving to Squamish we’d love to further introduce you to our town. Please explore the information in this site and contact us if you’d like a personal tour of the town or to view any current listings.

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