Squamish Development Update- February

Big news for Squamish developments this month! It seems the only thing out-pacing Squamish’s population boom (which was the 7th quickest in the province between 2015-2016 at 3%) is the boom of new construction. In the last month two big projects have made large advancements, with the Sirocco Waterfront Community featuring Squamish’s first float-home community given the go-ahead, and the long-awaited Cheekeye Fan Development met with overwhelming public support with possible pre-sales starting this year! Squamish’s Northyards is slated for another handful of developments and there is great inventory of pre-sales currently on the market. Thanks for joining us for this month’s Squamish Development Update and as always, if you have any questions or would like support buying in Squamish, make sure to contact us.

Sirocco Waterfront Community



Squamish’s waterfront is about to undergo a major facelift with the Sirocco Project on the Squamish blind channel given the green light. The development by Mireau Property Developments will feature 138 apartments and 520 sq. m. of commercial space across three six-story buildings. The project will also include 27 float homes and four floating commercial units. It is expected the commercial space will be dominated by marine oriented businesses, restaurants, cafes and offices. There will also be plenty of green-space throughout the area as well as public art and street furniture exhibits.

With regards to the residential portion of the development, apartments will range in size from 746-2,120 sq. ft. The ratio of floorplans is expected to be 9% one bedroom, 74% two bedroom and 17% three bedroom. The project will be executed over four phases, likely with apartments starting first.

Cheekeye Fan Development



The long-awaited Cheekeye Fan Development was met with overwhelming public support at a public hearing late January. The 81 hectare development proposed for Brackendale would include 537 single-family units, 678 multi-family dwellings, a tiny-home village, about 13,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, 12.2 acres of internal parks and more! The development is also expected to contain a significant amount of rental inventory, will be priced competitively and it is likely pre-sales will first be offered to members of the Squamish community.

The development which is a partnership between the Squamish First Nations and Bethel and Matthews Southwest (now the newly formed Cornerstone Developments), passed its second reading of an Official Community Plan amendment and rezoning application. A potential debris flow barrier may need to be erected if construction is to proceed. Cornerstone Developments has indicated pre-sales could commence as early as this year.

New Developments proposed for the Northyards (Central Squamish)

The Northyards has seen a lot of development over recent years. Currently The Breeze, a 51-unit townhome development, is undergoing presales while its neighbour Abbey Lane is in the final stages of construction. Now, a new 9-townhome development is being proposed for the Northyards with the Council passing the first and second reading of a rezoning application with the public hearing date yet to be decided. There is also a 51-unit townhome complex expected to break ground in Spring beside the Breeze site on Government Rd. A further 72 townhomes are being proposed on 8.3 acres alongside the Squamish Dyke on Fisherman’s Bend in the Northyards; this is also undergoing a rezoning process.

Squamish Oceanfront (Newport Beach)

Not much news out of Newport Beach. Likely they are waiting for this onslaught of snow to stop. There is a temporary road closure on the site while they make preparation for the new Oceanfront Road. Watch this space.

Want to know what makes buying new construction different than re-sale property? Check out our article What You Need to Know About Buying a New Development. Make sure to check back next month for our next development update- I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about!

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