A Buyer’s Crash Course on The Documents That Form a Deal

As a buyer, you will be subject to rapid fire documents coming your way during the course of buying a home. Not only will your real estate agent have a plethora of documents for you to sign, so will your lender and your lawyer, and by the end of the process you’ll probably by happy[…]


So You Want to Buy a Home This Year?

Everything first-time home buyers need to know about purchasing a home in Squamish It’s a brand-new year and 2017 looks to be an ideal time for first-time home buyers looking to enter the property market. With the BC government announcing the BC Home Partnership Program, a handful of other programs and rebates for first-time home[…]


What You Need to Know Before Buying a New Development

Buying property off the plan (new development/ pre-build) is different in many ways than buying an established property. There are the obvious differences such as the absence of a physical space to inspect, the longer wait time between offer acceptance and completion date, and the options and upgrades involved with the initial purchase. Here at[…]