The Evolving Squamish Workforce

Count the laptops in coffee shops or the bikes on trails in the middle of the day, any day of the week, and it becomes obvious that the Squamish community isn’t your typical workforce. The work to live mantra rings especially true here in town, with lifestyle the main reason people make the move to[…]


Squamish Development Update- July

No longer is it speculation that Squamish is the next ‘big’ thing. Having grown up in Squamish I have seen the place shift a lot. From a small logging town to a vibrant and dynamic community attracting people with one common thread; a love of the outdoors. What took so long for Squamish to get discovered still baffles[…]


Comparing the Squamish and Vancouver Real Estate Markets | How Similar Are They?

Conversations about real estate are as common as conversations about the weather lately. Although news of Vancouver’s heated property market has been dominating news headlines nationally, Squamish has been following the same real estate fate. There’s no doubt that when Vancouver sneezes, Squamish catches a cold, but just how similar are these two markets? Here[…]


Squamish Developments 2016: The Latest News on Squamish Developments

Big things are happening to the small town of Squamish, BC. This year two much anticipated (and much contended) large-scale developments are in their final stages of becoming a reality. What was once a sleepy logging town half way between Vancouver and Whistler is emerging as a thriving centre, blessed with abundant natural beauty and[…]


Moving to Squamish: A Guide for Families

Whether you’ve already bought a home in Squamish or are trying to decide if it’s the right place for you this guide is intended to introduce you to Squamish, and all it offers families. In recent years Squamish has been inundated with new families moving to the region. Squamish has a population of over 17,500[…]


7 Reasons Why Squamish is an Awesome Place to Live

If you haven’t heard about the coastal town of Squamish, BC you must either live on the other side of the world or under a rock. The New York Times recently rated Squamish as one of the top 52 places to go (in the world) and if that isn’t enough CNN declared Squamish as the[…]