Development Update Squamish- November 2016

The Squamish real estate market sure is being tested by the influx of developments going on-sale this Fall. Already we have seen Breeze, Skyridge and Soleil release their pricing and go on sale. In the next few weeks The Main will go on sale too. The Main will be a good test to see how robust the market is. It was only last year the same developers released Parkhouse, a similair style development which sold out in 90 minutes. The townhouse market which is being flooded with new developments is cooling slightly. Will condos see the same fate? We will know soon.

The Main Squamish


The presentation center for The Main opened in late October. If the initial opening is any indication of how well this project will sell, we could expect another buying frenzy. It was standing room only on opening day even prices weren’t released until a few weeks later. If you haven’t seen the presentation center I would recommend stopping by. You can ‘walk-thru’ a presentation condo giving you the experience of what they will be like when complete. Sales will begin in the next week or so. Contact us if you’re interested in pricing or purchasing one of these downtown condos.


Squamish may be getting it’s very first float home community. The development on the Mamquam Blind channel that would include 138 apartments, 520 sq. of commercial space and a float home community of 27 homes and 4 commercial units is closer to approval. The developer offered nearly 2 million in community amenity contributions including $585K to the affordable housing fund, a waterfront walkway and more. More approvals are needed before the development begins, it is likely the Mamquam blind channel will require dredging to accommodate the float homes- this is currently being addressed.

Waterfront Landing


The proposed Waterfront Landing development will be presented at a Public Hearing on Nov. 9th at the Squamish Adventure Centre. The proposed development will include 965 housing units (townhomes and apartments), a mixed use Village center and a public plaza and park. The development which is planned for 53 acres on the Mamquam Blind channel may have a pedestrian draw bridge that will link the site to downtown Squamish.


The Soleil Presentation Center is OPEN! Pricing has been released and sales are now coming in. Contact us to set up an appointment at the presentation center.

Cheekeye Fan

The Cheekeye Fan development, which is to include 1215 housing units in various forms North of Brackendale passed it’s second reading with regards to rezoning. The development partnership between Squamish Nation & Squamish’s Bethel and Mathews Southwest includes a proposed debris flow barrier to prevent the hazard of flood to the area. Earlier this year the 170-acre proposed development cleared a major hurdle amending zoning and the OCP.  Next public hearing is on Jan. 24th, 2017.

There are no new updates on Newport Beach (Squamish Oceanfront) this month. Site pre-filling continues.

If you’re interested in buying a new development in Squamish make sure to check out our recent post about What You Need To Know About Buying A New Development. I recently had clients interested in a new development who would have paid way above market value for a home if they had worked directly with the developer. Developer’s don’t always have buyer’s best interests at heart and their are a few companies in Squamish that are developing a reputation of being dishonest and unscrupulous. Working with a buyer’s agent is free-of-charge to the buyer and will ensure you are protected and that your interests are taken care of.




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