Squamish Development Update- July


No longer is it speculation that Squamish is the next ‘big’ thing. Having grown up in Squamish I have seen the place shift a lot. From a small logging town to a vibrant and dynamic community attracting people with one common thread; a love of the outdoors.

What took so long for Squamish to get discovered still baffles me. The current pace of change and development is head-spinning at times, but truly marks an exciting era in the town’s history.

Development this summer continues, and it now feels like the norm instead of a trend or new phenomenon. Thinking forward to some of the bigger projects on the horizon such as Waterfront Landing and Newport Beach it’s remarkable to imagine what these developments will bring to an already thriving community.

For those on the fence of moving to, or investing in Squamish, don’t wait. This town is transforming and opportunity exists for those that embrace the change, invest their futures, and join one of the most exciting communities in the country. I have traveled to many places in the world, and have never seen such an adventurous, innovative, and dynamic population which is a pretty nice mix in a town of only 20,000.

As for development news this month…

Waterfront Landing

The first of two public hearings took place at the end of June enabling members of the public to speak to the new Waterfront Landing development slated for the Mamquam Blind Channel. The public sentiment was positive and after some issues after the second hearing the developer made amendments to the proposal.

Changes to the development include the addition of a 2,000 sq ft daycare facility, and an increased number of affordable non-market and market rental housing. The housing mix will now see more apartments comprising the majority of the housing units, and the pedestrian bridge connecting the site to downtown Squamish will take place in earlier stages of the development.

Garibaldi Springs

Garibaldi Springs, the 118 acres residential development on a former golf course, has come into the spotlight this month in Squamish. Developers Polygon are hoping to build 460 housing units on the site however many locals are opposing the development in favour of keeping the site green. There was an open house held on June 9th with over 200 locals in attendance. Polygon has yet to file for a development permit which will likely take place this summer. In a letter to the Squamish community Polygon provided some clarity around the development including:

  • The proposed development is set to take place on 34 acres of the 118 acre site leaving the majority of the site green while improving, expanding and maintaining current green space and eco-sensitive habitats.
  • – The new development is not planned for areas that are environmentally sensitive on the site
  • – Based on Official Community Plan population projections Squamish will require 300 new homes per year to keep up with population growth. Polygon anticipates bringing 80 townhomes on the market per year to meet this demand
  • – After consultation with Councillors and members of the public the number of housing units on site has been reduced from 530 to 370
  • – The site will become a hub for everyone who enjoys the trails with new trail access points, parking, washrooms and meeting spots.

If the project does go ahead it will be a multi-phase development taking place over 7-10 years.

Britannia Beach (Macdonald Development)

The development application for 58 townhomes, 11 below-market apartments and 13 live-work spaces plus more than 20 commercial spaces in Britannia Beach received some forward momentum this week. The proposal to rezone the land to accommodate the development will commence. If the development passes the rezoning proposal it will be a step closer to the project breaking ground. The developer is proposing a range of amenities including a daycare, fitness centre, play area and community garden. Prices for the townhomes are expected to start in the high $600Ks to low $700Ks.

Teardrop Development

A mixed residential/ commercial development is being proposed for downtown Squamish on a parcel of land in between Buckley Ave and Bailey St. Developers are proposing a four to six story building including 104 apartments (roughly 86,000 sq ft of residential space) with commercial space taking up 18,000 sq ft of the space. A childcare centre will be part of the commercial mix as will a café and other service-oriented businesses. The project will come before Council in the next few months seeking a development permit.

Currently Selling…

Sky Suites Squamish- One, two and three bedroom condos starting from $449K plus a handful of duplexes

Summits View- Three bedroom townhomes in downtown Squamish starting at $559K

Soleil- Three bedroom townhomes on the Squamish waterfront starting high $500s

Breeze- Three bedroom townhomes in Central Squamish with rooftop patios starting in the $600s

Seven Peaks- Three and four bedroom townhomes in the Brennan Park area starting in high $600s

Ravenswood- Single family homes starting in high $900Ks

Interested in any of these development? Contact us and we’ll send you some info.

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Meghan is a real estate agent, digital marketing specialist and writer. She grew up in Squamish and recently moved back after living abroad for over 10 years. Meghan is passionate about connecting people to their ideal lifestyles and is excited to bring Move to Squamish to those looking for a lifestyle change in Squamish.

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