56 Reasons Why You Should Move to Squamish


If you haven’t heard yet, Squamish is a pretty awesome place to live. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the country, and there is a reason why people are choosing to move here (actually there are many). Here are 56 reasons why you should come and join the awesome-ness and move to Squamish.

It’s a scenic 45-minute drive to Vancouver (no traffic!)

Every home has a view

There is a very low crime rate

Excellent schools to choose from (five public primary schools, one Montessori primary, one Waldorf primary, one middle school, one high school more on schools)

Epic backcountry at your doorstep

One of the top mountain bike destinations in the world

Some of the best sushi restaurants, per capita, in the world

A young energy, the average age of a Squamish resident is 36.8 (63 percent of the population is under 40)

An easy 35-minute drive to the slopes of Whistler

The average household income is $71,000 (8 percent higher than BC average)

Quest University, Canada’s only liberal arts non-profit University (that has the best views in town)

Locals rates at the Sea to Sky Gondola, only $119 a year and plenty of local’s events year-round

Cloudburst Café and their mouth-watering breakfast sandwich

Lakes, lakes and more lakes!

An exciting Oceanfront development (Newport Beach) which is transforming the downtown core

Base-jumpers launching of the Stawamus Chief becomes a regular summertime sight

An exploding and exciting craft brewery scene

An exciting start-up culture, pioneering the rec-tech industry (recreation technology)

One of the highest birthrates in BC, kids are everywhere

Walking/ biking trails easily accessible from every neighbourhood

Salted Vine, highly acclaimed fine-dining in downtown Squamish

There is a bike path that connects one end of town to the other

Most restaurants and coffee shops source local ingredients and products

It rains a lot, so no threat of water shortages or drought!

Wildlife; from bears to eagles there is plenty of wildlife spotting to be had

The Dubliner eggs bennie and views at Fergies Café

So many new development projects to choose from

You can take your pet pretty much anywhere

There is free highspeed Wi-Fi in almost all coffee shops in town

The town has four distinct and beautiful seasons

It doesn’t snow too much (except 2017), but if you like snow Whistler is just up the highway

Live music at the Brew Pub

Squamish people are pretty awesome

There are future plans for light rail to connect Squamish with Vancouver and Whistler

Loggers Sports Day celebrating the town’s logging history

There is a ridiculous number of super athletes who live in Squamish

There is Squamish Facebook group for almost every occasion and topic

The Squamish Chief newspaper has been awarded one of the best community papers in the province

The New York Times rated Squamish as one of the best places to visit in 2015

Refresh Market, one of the province’s biggest and best artisan markets, happens three times a year

There are more yoga studios and gyms than you can count on two hands

The Squamish Off-road Cycling Association (SORCA) and their social mountain-bike rides

Bad traffic in Squamish means waiting at an intersection for two minutes when making a left turn (and rush hour is confined to Cleveland Avenue around 5pm on weekdays).

World-class kite-boarding and wind-surfing

Soccer camps, swimming lessons, BMX, hockey… the programs for kids are endless

The patio at The Watershed

Yoga pants and adventure gear are fashionable

There are family-friendly community events each month

The Stawamus Chief and the year-round views and adventure it provides locals

People travel from around the world to rock-climb on our mountains

There is a leading-edge carbon capture facility and a possible renewable energy campus coming to town

The Change in the Making Conference- Western Canada’s biggest online marketing conference takes place here

There are tons of celebrity sightings, we’ve had Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and many more

Mountain biking takes place nearly year-round

There is no waitlist to get a GP

It is one of the fastest growing towns in the province (7th fastest population increase between 2015-2016)

Still not sure? Why not schedule a tour of Squamish and let us show you around? Here are some other resources that may help you make the decision to Move to Squamish.

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Meghan is a real estate agent, digital marketing specialist and writer. She grew up in Squamish and recently moved back after living abroad for over 10 years. Meghan is passionate about connecting people to their ideal lifestyles and is excited to bring Move to Squamish to those looking for a lifestyle change in Squamish.

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