Using a Buyer’s Agent: 5 Reason To Use a Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing a Home in Squamish


In a world where listings are accessed online at the touch of a finger tip, and real estate market information is prevalent for those who are seeking, is working with a buyer’s agent still important? In short, (as you probably thought) yes. Unless you are a seasoned investor or are willing to pay whatever a price tag asks for, you will immensely benefit from the free services of a buyer’s agent. At Move to Squamish we are licensed real estate agents who help buyers from Greater Vancouver, across Canada and throughout the world, purchase property here in Squamish.

Here are five reasons why you should use the services of a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home in Squamish.

Reason #1- The listing agent is working for the seller, not you.

No matter how nice a listing agent is when you meet them during an open house, or contact them with regards to a home for sale, they are working for the seller. It is a real estate agent’s fiduciary duty to protect the best interest of their client, and unless a dual agency relationship is formed (where an agent remains impartial during a negotiation process and represents the buyer and the seller), the listing agent is representing the seller, and therefor is trying to get the best possible price for the home.

Although dual agency situations can work, the ideal scenario is to have a real estate agent look after your specific needs as a buyer, and that’s why it is important to work with a buyer’s agent when securing your Squamish property.

Reason #2- It is a free service

Under most scenarios the services of a buyer’s agent are free of charge to the buyer. The buyer’s agent splits the commission of the sale with the listing Realtor- this commission is ultimately paid by the seller. There are rare situations when the selling commission doesn’t cover the buyer’s agent fees however this is always disclosed at the outset, and is usually worked into the offer price.

Reason #3- It’s a customized service, just for you

Buying a home is kind of a big deal, that’s why it’s important to have someone look after your best interests from start to finish. It is a buyer’s agents job to educate, advise and advocate on your behalf during the entire real estate process. Your buyer’s agent will examine your unique purchasing and lifestyle needs, provide market insights to help inform you of market conditions, qualify listings and notify you of new listings before they hit the MLS, and set up viewings of properties that meet your requirements.

Once you find that perfect home to purchase a buyer’s agent will guide you through the paperwork and make sure all contracts protect you and your unique situation, they will negotiate on your behalf with the listing Realtor, connect you with professionals to carry out the completion of the transaction, and will remain diligent to ensure all aspects of the contract are fulfilled as instructed.

Reason #4- A professional negotiator in your corner

Having a professional local market expert in your corner during negotiations is instrumental for you getting the best price possible for a property. Understanding complexities within a contract, inserting subject clauses that protect you, and negotiating not only on price, but dates and other terms that give you the best deal possible, are some advantages of using a buyer’s agent.

Reason #5- Connect with professionals to aid the transaction

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming. Especially when the services of third party professionals such as lawyers, lenders, inspectors, surveyors, property managers etc. are often required. Instead of being guided by Google, or sifting through the Yellow Pages, your buyer’s agent will be able to connect you with a team of professionals who are considered some of the best in Squamish. This removes a lot of the stress involved in trying to orchestrate the completion of a sale all on your own.

In summary, a buyer’s agent typically provides the following services:

  • Acts as an advisor and an advocate for the buyer throughout the entire process
  • Educates the buyer on current market conditions
  • Sources and vets listings
  • Provides insider knowledge on exclusive listings (not yet on MLS)
  • Handles the ins and outs of negotiations, including all paperwork
  • Creates legally binding and rock solid contracts that represent the buyer
  • Oversees inspections and provides follow up if necessary
  • Connects buyers with professionals such as repair technicians, lawyers, mortgage brokers and tax professionals
  • Is present during the closing of the property to ensure it runs smoothly

If you are thinking of moving to Squamish let Move to Squamish represent you during the process. With nearly 30 years selling real estate in Squamish and a combined 55 years of living here, the Team at Move to Squamish have the local knowledge, market insight and negotiation skills to get you the best price possible for your Squamish home, and ensure the home buying process is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.


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